If you're searching for a fuel saver, you will no doubt have found many options, all offering various improvements and advantages.
So why choose NF? Simply, because it works... and it works well!

We could try to impress you with technical scientific terms, but we know you just want an explanation in layman's terms, so that's what we'll give you here. If you really want the technical details of all the ways NF Fuel Savers work, you can read it here.

So how do NF Fuel Savers Work?

NF Fuel Savers contain a combustion catalyst which results in the fuel achieving better combustion during the combustion cycle thus limiting combustion during the exhaust cycle which leads to lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and better performance. In addition, deposits on pistons, valves and injectors are gradually broken down resulting in a cleaner, smoother, more efficient engine. This leads to lower maintenance, reduced engine wear and extended engine life.

NF Fuel Savers will keep a new engine clean and can clean up a dirty engine while allowing the fuel used to burn cleaner. This offers a cost effective way to save fuel, conserve energy, protect the environment and yet not sacrifice performance.

Fuel Saver cleans your engine by slowly removing deposits in a process that could take 10 full tanks of fuel. Fuel consumption will continue to improve as the deposits are removed.

NF Petrol Saver
NF Diesel Saver

NF Fuel Savers work well on any engine (eg. Cars, Bikes, Quads, Generators, Lawnmowers, etc.). Simply add the NF to your fuel tank before you fill up, no modifications to your vehicle are necessary. The easy to use bottle allows measurement of the exact amount of fuel saver needed. The 300ml bottle treats 300 litres of fuel for easy measurement and fantastic value. NF Fuel Savers generally achieve savings from around 10% to 25% giving an excellent return on your investment.

The Benefits of NF Fuel Savers:

  • Improves Fuel Consumption
  • Improves Power and Performance
  • Reduces Engine Wear to Extend Engine Life
  • Extends Oil Life
  • Cleans your engine by removing carbon deposits
  • Reduces Emissions
  • Reduces Soot & Ash (Diesel Smoke)
  • Inhibits Corrosion
Reducing Emissions